Tobacco Control



Name Title
Christy Bjornson Arkansas Tobacco Control Director
David Potter Criminal Investigations & Auditing Division of Alcohol, Tobacco & Medical Marijuana Director
Ray Owens Chief of Staff
Chris Crary ATC Chief Criminal Investigations Supervisor
Glen Perciful Audit Manager
Sharee Devore Administrative Analyst
Chanda Mallory Administrative Analyst
Cameron Coker Arkansas Tobacco Control Attorney
Kathryn Conley Administrative Analyst
LaTherese Ellis Enforcement Agent
Marvin Kelley Enforcement Agent
Blake Miller Enforcement Agent
Felicia Spencer Human Resources Specialist
Jody Dotson FDA Enforcement Agent
Laura Jo Hoover FDA Enforcement Agent
Russell Gray FDA Enforcement Agent
Brent Reaves FDA Enforcement Agent
Thomas Smith FDA Enforcement Agent
Sandula Perera Administrative Analyst
Haley Allen Senior Auditor
Austin Hodges Auditor
Lauren Little Senior Intelligence Analyst
David Platt Investigator
Reginald Ridgell Investigator
Matthew Thomas Investigator
Jonathan Vince Investigator
Kanoesha Wilson Investigator

Please send all correspondence to:

Arkansas Tobacco Control
101 East Capitol Ave., Suite 401
Little Rock, AR 72201-3826
Phone: 501-682-9756
Fax: 501-682-9760

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