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The mission of Arkansas Tobacco Control (ATC) is to ensure that all retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers of tobacco, vapor and alternative nicotine products fully adhere to all Arkansas tobacco laws. We also endeavor to protect public health by restricting youth access to tobacco, vapor and alternative nicotine products through education and enforcement. ATC is an agency that serves the state and the people of Arkansas effectively and efficiently through policy, action and administration of our duties.

Greeting from the Director Christy Bjornson

Thank you for taking time to visit the Arkansas Tobacco Control’s website. We hope you find the site very helpful and informative.

Created in 1997, the agency’s primary mission and responsibility is to regulate the sale of tobacco in the State of Arkansas and enforce all laws pertaining to tobacco. The agency currently regulates tobacco, vapor, and alternative nicotine manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers as part of the Department of Finance & Administration. Our job is to serve these businesses by helping them be aware of all laws governing product manufacturing, distribution, and sales in Arkansas. We also serve the citizens of our state in the process by enforcing the tobacco sales to minor prohibition. This is done through free training provided to merchants, educational efforts and enforcement actions that determine if retailers are complying with the law and protecting our youngest citizens. Currently, Arkansas’ sale to minor violation rate is one of the lowest in the nation.

The agency works in cooperation with an eight-member board appointed by the Governor. The Tobacco Control Board serves in a quasi-judicial capacity hearing cases regarding violations to Arkansas laws and regulations as they pertain to tobacco, vapor, and alternative nicotine. These devoted citizens are volunteers, working hard to make Arkansas a better place and we are grateful for their contribution.

As the Director of Arkansas Tobacco Control, it is my pleasure to work for the people of Arkansas. Along with my dedicated staff we are working hard to ensure that our agency is meeting the needs of our great state by being accessible to our permit holders and citizens. If we can assist you, please do not hesitate to contact us today!


Christy Bjornson

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